Monday, December 8, 2008

Guest at Your Table

This past Sunday at Children's Chapel the children heard a story from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee's (UUSC) Stories of Hope. These stories are about real people and groups that our past donations have helped. If your child attended Children's Chapel, ask him or her about a struggle in South Africa over everyone's right to water.

UUSC is an important social action arm of Unitarian Univeralism. Donating to the UUSC is one of the ways we spread our light during this season. Guest at Your Table is one fundraising program we do whose monies make a valuable contribution to our social justice work in the world.

Hopefully you have a Guest at Your Table box at your home. If you don't, extra boxes are located under the membership table that you pass (or stop at!) as you enter the Great Hall. We will collect the boxes beginning January 4.