Thursday, October 7, 2010

Children's Chapel Sunday

With Moses, we can see the world lit up from within by the fire of God’s spirit and hear a voice calling out to us, “Take off your shoes. The ground on which you stand is holy.” We can recognize that the call to resist oppression arises from an epiphany of divine presence in the midst of life’s present realities. from We Are Already in Paradise by Rebecca Parker.

This Sunday is children's chapel for children in RE classes from PreK thru grade 4. We're very excited with the worship we have planned. Children start with parents in the Great Hall. They will here the story of Moses and the Burning Bush told by Lisa Temoshok. Children will travel to children' chapel to explore through worship the meaning of the story. This is not just for children, adults are welcome too. Adults who remain in the Great Hall will also continue to explore the meaning of the story too through the worship service and Priscilla's sermon.

****Because of the rummage sale children's chapel will be in a different place this Sunday. It will be next door to the dining room in what is normally the preK/K room. It will still be transformed into a worshipful, sacred space...