Thursday, January 13, 2011

MLK JR /Non-Violence/Non-Violent Communication

This weekend is Martin Luther King Jr weekend. It is a time to celebrate his life and reflect on the meaning of his words and wisdom.

Both Children's Chapel and our adult worship service will explore his wisdom. We'll start together in the Great Hall. Everyone will hear the story of The Good Samaritan and we'll consider, "who is our neighbor?"

In Children's Chapel will explore MLK Jr's legacy of non- violent resistance. One approach I'll take is to ask, Have you ever wondered why people fight? Have you been in a fight yourself? How did you feel? Were you angry?

We'll explore ways to practice being peaceful and how what we say matters: the power of words as a way to peace.

A first, important step that we can all do is to learn to communicate in a way that is non-violent. Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD has a lot to offer in his work on non-violent communication. For children, here is an excellent site with free e-books that are inspired by the work Rosenberg has done and are geared for children.