Thursday, May 10, 2012

Building our sustainable community

FUSS will host From Scratch Club's FOOD SWAP next Wednesday, May 16 at 7PM!!! Tickets are free but you must have a ticket to participate. Get your ticket here. As I write this there are only 11 tickets remaining!!!

What is a food swap you say?

Food swaps are happening all around the country. This NY Times piece talks about it's beginnings and one person's experience. People get a ticket to participate. There is is no charge to get a ticket, but there's an optional $2 donation at the door. This is not a money-making event. It's a community- building event. It's about learning to exchange what you can make with your neighbors.

I have for a number of years watched the movement towards sustainability and regionalization grow across the country and in this area. I  have been impressed with an online site that started two years ago called, From Scratch Club (FSC.) As they describe themselves, they are about "making food matter." Their reach is deep and broad in the Capital District and their website has grown to become a presence in the area. Their values are values many UU's hold dear. An article recently appeared in the Times Union about them.

During this same time, I have sought to create meaningful, community opportunities around sustainability here at FUSS. For the past two years I have considered ways to create community doing things together, like canning or making cheese or sauerkraut. From Scratch Club seemed a perfect venue for this. They do not have locations in Schenectady while their locations in Saratoga and Troy have been very popular. They are launching DIY cooking schools too!  So I reached out to the FSC founder and suggested FUSS as a possible place to host some Schenectady events.

And she agreed! So,  join us in building local community, trading goods you make or grow yourself May 16, July 18 and September 19.