Thursday, March 14, 2013

Children at the Well

"When you look and I look at these trees, these flowers, anything at all, we are the universe looking at its handiwork. You have perhaps seen the pattern of cross and yarn called the 'eye of God' made first in our Southwest in homage to the sun. We, too, all of us together, all the eyes of all the creatures, are the eye of God. That is why we need each other, our many ways of seeing, that together we may rejoice, and see clearly, and find the many keys to abundant life."               Greta W. Crosby

photo and "god's eye" by Lisa Temoshok

Since knitters shouldn't have all the fun, there will be an activity during this Sunday's multigenerational Children at the Well worship for the kinesthetic among us. We will have out supplies and directions to make “god's eyes” as a meditative tool during worship.  Look for adults and children handing them out before the worship service.