Friday, September 27, 2013

Social Action Sunday and Labyrinth Rededication


PreK/K meets in their classroom

Grades 1-5: Social Action Sunday with our UUSS Social Action Council Children will learn about CAPPS, the Schenectady-based Companion Animal Placement Program. They will have an opportunity to make toys for the animals during RE too. Adults can donate to the organization during the third Sunday collection in worship.

Walking the labyrinth, offering good wishes by blowing bubbles.

Labyrinth Re- Dedication. Judy Clough will lead the labyrinth rededication with the children. Learn the story of its creation. Look for information sheets to learn more.

Grades 6/7, JUUNIOR youth meet in their room in Waters House.
Coming of Age, grades 8/9, meets in their room in Waters House.
Senior Youth, grades 10-12, meet in senior youth lounge.