Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boston Heritage Trip 2014

Follen Church, Lexington, Massachusetts.
Eleven youth from our Coming of Age class traveled with four adults on our Boston Heritage trip, April 25 -27. We slept on the floors of the religious education space at Follen Church in Lexington, MA.

We spent the day Saturday in Boston traveling into the city by public transportation. We walked around Boston and thru the public gardens. We visited Arlington Street Church, located on the corner of the Boston Green, and were led on a tour by their music director, Mark David Buckles. We were even taken into the bell tower and youth could ring the bells.

Looking up at organ from the front in the Arlington Street church. sanctuary.

Tiffany stained glass depicting Jesus's Sermon on the Mount.

Gathering around the organ.

Mark David Buckles playing organ.

Pulling the ropes to play the church bells.

Ropes and music for playing bells.

Reading a piece by William Ellery Channing from Arlington Street Church pulpit.

We learned about one of their ministers, William Ellery Channing, whose 1819 Baltimore Sermon is considered a defining moment in Unitarian theology. We also visited other UU heritage sites: Kings Chapel, the first church in the United States to declare itself Unitarian in the late 18th century! It is also the site of a Puritan graveyard.

We will have lots more pictures to show at THIS SUNDAY"S worship service

Dinner at Follen Church, Lexington.

We finished our heritage weekend on Sunday with a visit to Walden Pond and a tour by local historian Richard Smith. We visited a replica of Thoreau's home on Walden Pond and walked around part of the pond to the original site of the home.

Inside replica of Thoreau's home on Walden Pond. Smith, as Thoreau, answers questions and shares stories about life at that time.

Site of Thoreau's home on Walden Pond.

Quote near a cairn started by Ralph Waldo Emerson near site of Thoreau's home.